CAD Transform for blender

Stephen L.
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CAD like transform operations for blender 2.81+ / 2.91+ / 3.0+

  • Precise Move / Rotate / Scale

  • Works in both object and edit mode for mesh and curves

  • Support “Affect only” Origins / Locations / Parents

Powerful snap from / to

  • Vertex

  • Edge / Center / Perpendicular / Intersection constraint axis - edge

  • Face / Center / Normal

  • Grid - local / global / user defined

  • Object origin

  • Average many snap targets

  • Bounding box

  • Cursor

Constraints XYZ Axis and planes

  • Local

  • Global

  • User defined

"One of the greatest add-on in blender's history in my own opinion, especially for precision modelling."

"This is indispensable! How come this is not the default transformation method in Blender? This is so intuitive!"

"Yet another enticement to make the switch from Sketchup..."

"I must say, among the set you have shown, i do not know what is more magnificent and more significant upgrade to Blender’s pipeline.
Whether it is custom constraint / coordinate system, the projection snapping, the intersection detection, the pivot selection, the ease of usage or the ability to navigate while transforming… Well done, indeed…"

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CAD Transform for blender

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